ISM Enterprises is the only company in America focused on manufacturing closing carton staples, utilizing American talent, ingenuity and craftsmanship. We value and share in your commitment to keep manufacturing in the United States, providing our customers the finishing detail in safeguarding your products with reliable ISM staples and tools.
ISM Enterprises is strategically located in Butler, PA, providing shipments, next day. We offer you exacting control of your inventory, with ease of communication, and response. We free your working capital from the confines of container quantity overseas purchases. We provide peace of mind, removing the uncertainty of trans-continental deliveries shipping from half way around the world.
We are an industry leader in product innovation that will grow with your company by listening to requests for product enhancements. Other companies have copied our products, using less durable parts and materials, to save money. We will never waiver on quality, or the high standards you have grown to trust.